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Insert timestamps into Jekyll pages

25 Jan 2014 : tech, jekyll

Though my Jekyll setup runs perfectly smooth, I wanted to have some kind of control, if (all) pages are re-generated when I make changes to the CSS or other minor things that aren’t immediately visible.

So I wanted to have a timestamp of the page generation. To have re-usable code, I was looking for a custom Liquid tag for that purpose and found a gist by blakesmith: render_time.rb.

Since I wanted the timestamp only as a comment in the HTML pages, I made a small change. Besides that, it’s the same - so thanks a lot blakesmith!

Here’s render_time.rb:

module Jekyll
  class RenderTimeTag < Liquid::Tag

    def initialize(tag_name, text, tokens)
      @text = text

    def render(context)
      "<!-- #{@text} #{} -->"

Liquid::Template.register_tag('render_time', Jekyll::RenderTimeTag)

Just drop it in your _plugins folder and add the line (enclosed in Liquid open and close tags; which I can’t do here, because the Liquid tag would then be executed… :-/)

render_time Page generated at:

to e.g. your default.html.