Your key to embedded files in Microsoft Word or Powerpoint documents.

Open. Inspect. Extract.

The feature Microsoft forgot

Know this? Your co-worker sends you an important memo with the latest sales presentation and you wonder, how to open the presentation?

Sadly, Microsoft forgot to enable Office for Mac to deal with this situation. Asking someone with a Windows computer was your only option so far.

Meet OfficeDigger: just drag the memo onto OfficeDigger and it'll let you view and extract the embedded Word or Excel files.

QuickLook - know if it's worth

OfficeDigger includes Apple's QuickLook technology. So, you can peek at the embedded files before extracting them.

You can also use OfficeDigger just as a viewing tool - keep the original document unchanged but quickly look up the content.

Extract files - couldn't be easier

OfficeDigger provides a clean overview for the embedded files. Select one ore more of them and drag-and-drop to any place you like.

Even directly to a new mail you're just writing.


Download from the from mac app store.