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Apple WWDC 2013 - New AppleTV World?

07 Jun 2013 : tech, apple

This years developer conference to be held by Apple beginning June, 10th is teased with a headline:

Where a whole new world is developing

Apple wouldn’t be Apple, if there wasn’t a deeper meaning in this headline. So I started to think about, what this years headline could hint us to.

Everybody talks about the known things, previews of iOS 7 and MacOS 10.9 the successor of Mountain Lion, some (minor) hardware refreshes etc. And everyone seems to be sure, that we shouldn’t hold our breath hoping for a new iPhone or iPad. What do these things have to do with the 2013 claim? Nothing.

Does the ‘new world’ mean to focus on the invasion of the iPhone into China or India, which are countries being obviously late to the iPhone party? No - we saw a China-focus in last years iOS 6. Dedicate the most import event of the Apple calendar to welcome the huge market of India? Surely not.

What actually wonders me, is that noone talks about the iWatch or Apple TV (aka iTV) in context with WWDC - o.k. iWatch seems too far away, but what about the “new world” that’s “developing” simply a new world of iOS devices, that weren’t opened for the developers until now: the Apple TV?

Therefore my money would be on the introduction of the APIs for bringing all the great content and apps to the big screen via an App Store for the Apple TV.

We’ll see.