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iConji. Complicating the world.

15 May 2010 : tech

iConji is a new, fun way to communicate with friends just across town … and around the world!

iConji enables two people of the same or completely different languages to communicate directly—without translation—using an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Facebook, and Web browser.

iConji uses pictographs with translated definitions built-in to form messages. The iConji Messenger v1.0 has support for Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

Link: iConji. Connecting the world.

Was für ein Scheiss. Mittlerweile übersetzen Telefone automatisch von einer in die andere Sprache während man spricht – da wollen die, dass wir zig blöde Symbole lernen…

Apropos Symbole… hier mein Lieblingspiktogramm:

Versteht jeder.